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Reynard, here.

Friends call me Petit Reynard, ‘ti Reynard, Fox, Foxy, Sionnach, and many fox-derivatives.  My tattoo artist calls me Dr. Frenchy.

Scholar, opinionated, leftist, liberal with my affections, a dreamer, Faerie-blooded, naturally curious, and a bit of a moon-gazer.

Thick-bellied, Fat-Assed, Beefy, Furry, Beardy Dudes have a special place in my heart and in my bed…and down my throat.

Initiated: 1994

Background: Alexandrian, Stregoneria, Anderson Feri

“Try me on, I’m very you.”  – (Deee-Lite)

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When I go to someone’s home and they have bookshelves, one of the first things I do is peruse their books.  There’s something about looking through someone’s books that feels like I am getting to know something about them, their interests, how their mind works, what their passions may be…



My home is filled with plenty of books, hundreds of books, if not thousands…

Here are a few of my favorites:



Berger, Helen A.

1999     A Community of Witches: Contemporary Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft in The United States. University of South Carolina Press: Columbia, SC.


Brown, Karen McCarthy

1991     Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn.  University of California Press: Berkeley, CA.


Budapest, Z. (Zsuzsanna)

1989     Grandmother Time:  A Woman’s Book of Celebrations, Spells, and Sacred Objects for Every Month of the Year.  HarperOne Publishing: San Francisco, Ca.

1989     The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries: Feminist Witchcraft, Goddess Rituals, Spellcasting, and Other Womanly Arts.  Wingbow Press.


Buckland, Raymond

1982     Practical Candleburning Rituals: Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.

1996     Advanced Candle Magick: More Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.


[1986]     Raymond Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.


Cabot, Laurie

1990     The Power of the Witch: The Earth, The Moon, and the Magical Path to Enlightenment.  Delta Publishing


Campbell, Joseph

1988     The Power of Myth, with Bill Moyers. Anchor Books: New York, NY.


Clarkson, Tim

2013     The Picts: A History. Berlinn Ltd Publishing: Edinburgh, Scotland.

2013     The Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels, and Vikings. Berlinn Ltd Publishing: Edinburgh, Scotland.


Clifton, Chas

2006     Her Hidden Children: The Rise of Wicca and Paganism in America. AltaMira Press: New York, NY.


Clifton, Chas and Graham Harvey

2004     The Paganism Reader. (Eds. Chas Clifton and Graham Harvey). Routledge Press: New York, NY.


Crowley, Vivienne

1989     Wicca: The Old Religion in The New Age.  Harper San Francisco: San Francisco, CA.


Cunningham, Scott

1985     Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.

1989     Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.

2002     Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.

2002     Earth, Air, Fire, Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.

2002     Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.

2002     The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.


De Grandis, Francesca

1998     Be a Goddess: A Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for Self-Healing, Prosperity, and Great Sex.


Duff, Gail

2003     Seasons of the Witch. Ulysses Press: Berkeley, CA.


Dugan, Ellen

2011     Practical Protection Magick: Guarding and Reclaiming Your Power.  Llewellyn Publications: Woodbury, MN.


Faerywolf, Storm

2003     The Stars Within The Earth.  Mystic Dream Press.


Farrar, Janet and Stewart

1987     The Witches’ Goddess.  Phoenix Publishing Inc.

1989     The Witches’ God.  Phoenix Publishing Inc.


Fortune, Dion


[????]     Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack, revised edition.  Weiser Books


Galenorn, Yasmine

1998     Embracing the Moon: A Witch’s Guide to Rituals, SpellCraft, and Shadow Work.  Llewellyn Publications: St. Paul, MN.


Gardner, Gerald


[1954]     Witchcraft Today.  Citadel Press.


Grant, Richard

1997     In the Land of Winter: A Novel.  Avon Books, Inc: New York City, NY.


Greenwood, Susan

2009     The Anthropology of Magic.  Berg Publishing: Oxford, UK.


Grimassi, Raven

1999     Hereditary Witchcraft: Secrets of the Old Religion.  Llewellyn Publications: St. Paul, MN.

2000     Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion in Southern Europe.  Llewellyn Publications: St. Paul, MN.

2002     Wiccan Magick: Inner Teachings of The Craft.  Llewellyn Publications: St Paul, MN.

2011     Old World Witchcraft: Ancients Ways for Modern Days.  WeisserBooks Publishing: San Francisco, Ca.

2014     Grimoire of the Thorn-Blood Witch: Mastering the Five Arts of Old World Witchery.  WeisserBooks Publishing: San Francisco, CA.


Hopman, Ellen Evert

1994     A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year.  Destiny Books Publishing.


Hudson, Benjamin

2014     The Picts. Wiley Blackwell Publishing: West Sussex, UK.


Hutton, Ronald

1999     Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft.  Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK.


Kelly, Aidan

2014     A Tapestry of Witches: A History of the Craft in America, Vol 1. Hierophant Wordsmith Press: Tacoma, WA.


Leland, Charles Godfrey

1899     Aradia: Gospel of the Witches (Reprinted). The Lost Library Publishing: Glastonbury, UK.


Lewis, James R.

1996     Magical Religion and Modern Witchcraft.  State University of New York Press: New York, NY.


Luhrmann, Tanya M.

1991     Persuasions of the Witch’s Craft: Ritual Magic in Contemporary England.  Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA.


Magliocco, Sabina

2004     Witching Culture: Folklore and Neo-Paganism in America.  University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia, PA.


Marlborough, Reverend Ray T.

1986     Charms, Spells, and Formulas.  Llewellyn Publications: St Paul, MN.

1998     The Magical Power of Saints: Evocation and Candle Rituals. Llewellyn Publications: Woodbury, MN.


Pike, Sarah

2001     Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves: Contemporary Pagans and the Search for Community.  University of California Press: Berkeley, CA.


Rice, Anne

1990     The Witching Hour. The Random House Publishing Group: New York, NY.

1993     Lasher. The Random House Publishing Group: New York, NY.

1996     Taltos. The Random House Publishing Group: New York, NY.


Riva, Anna

1973     Modern Witchcraft Spellbook, by Anna Riva.  International Imports Publishing.

1974     Modern Herbal Spellbook.  International Imports Publishing.

1975     Secrets of Magic Seals, by Anna Riva: A Modern Grimoire of Amulets, Charms, Symbols, and Talismans.  International Imports Publishing.

1980     Anna Riva’s Candle Burning Magic: A Spellbook of Rituals for Good and Evil.  International Imports Publishing.

1982     Powers of the Psalms: 375 Ways to Use Psalms for Love, Power, Revenge, Success, Blessings, Prosperity, Protection, Etc.  International Imports Publishing.


Roberts, Scott Alan

2012     The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim: The Untold Story of Fallen Angels, Giants on the Earth, and Their Extraterrestrial Origins. New Page Books Publishing, Pompton Plains, NJ.


Serith, Ceisiwr

2002     A Book of Pagan Prayer.  Wiser Books: San Francisco, CA.

2011     A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book.  WeisserBooks Publishing: San Francisco, CA.


Sheba, Lady

2001     The Grimoire of Lady Sheba.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.


Silverstein, Shel

1974     Where the Sidewalk Ends.  HarperCollins Publications: San Francisco, CA.

1981     A Light in the Attic.  HarperCollins Publications: San Francisco, CA.



1979     The Spiral Dance: The Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess. HarperCollins Publishing: San Francisco, CA.

1987     Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority, and Mystery. HarperCollins: San Francisco, CA.


Weinstein, Marion

1986     Earth Magic: A Dianic Book of Shadows.  Phoenix Publications.


Worth, Valerie

2002     The Crone’s Book of Charms, 2nd edition. Llewellyn Publishing; St. Paul, MN.

2002     The Crone’s Book of Magical Words.  Llewellyn Publishing: St. Paul, MN.